North Island Distance Education School


Online High School Courses For 10-12 and Adult Students


Navigate offers several options for BC high school students wanting to complete their grade 10-12 courses online in BC. Students can enroll as a full time distributed learning student and access the curriculum through online courses, or attend their existing high school and choose the cross enrollment option. These self-paced models allow BC students and adult learners to work toward their BC Dogwood Certificate from wherever they are.

Distributed Learning 10-12

High school students in BC who want to complete their BC Dogwood Certificate at their own pace can do so with online courses at Navigate! Our blended learning options provide the flexibility of distributed learning with face-to-face learning, using virtual technologies such as video conferencing. You can register for Navigate high school courses throughout the year, with the full support of BC Certified teachers. Navigate (powered by NIDES) is a fully funded and accredited BC school operating within the Comox Valley School District No. 71 on Vancouver Island offering K-12 online learning. BC

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Cross Enrollment 10-12

BC high school students across BC can add flexibility to their school year calendar through cross enrollment with Navigate. Navigate (powered by NIDES) is a fully funded and accredited BC school operating on Vancouver Island within Comox Valley School District No. 71. We work with school guidance counsellors in “brick and mortar” high schools across BC to offer students a wide range of online courses through distributed learning. By choosing to cross enrol, students can complete course work throughout the year at a self-directed pace with the full support of qualified BC high school teachers. Students can register at any time, and we automatically contact your high school to ensure that full credits are attributed toward BC Dogwood graduation requirements. 


Adult Education BC 

Navigate also offers adult education options for non-graduated adults. The home-based adult education options give you the opportunity to finish online high school courses, take additional courses, or upgrade your BC high school marks. You don't have to attend a BC high school building to earn your BC Dogwood Certificate. Although Navigate is based on Vancouver Island, the online high school courses are available to all adult BC residents who want to receive their graduation diploma.