Aboriginal Education

The flexibility of Navigate personalized learning plans supports a more specific focus on First Nations content for Aboriginal education.  Both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students can learn more about the history and culture of BC’s First Nations by attending various First Nations, Inuit, and Metis events during the school year. All students have the opportunity to hear guest speakers, attend traditional craft workshops and visit First Nations sites. Through these shared experiences, we hope to build bridges of understanding so that all can come to a greater understanding and appreciation of First Nations culture.

We are continually working to expand our Aboriginal education program by increasing the number and frequency of these cultural experiences, and by adding works by First Nations authors to our reading resources and program curricula. We also help our Aboriginal students to access resources for post-secondary opportunities, sports development, bursaries and awards.

If you’re planning a cultural event, or have suggestions for ways we can further develop our Aboriginal education program, please contact our Aboriginal Support Worker Liz Harris.