Canopy 10-12 is a new, full-time, virtually blended high school program that allows for students’ personal learning experiences while also engaging with peers on their course credit earning journey to graduation. Through strong relationships, meaningful collaboration, and cross-curricular approaches, Canopy students work together in a paced environment to prepare for a successful transition to life after high school. Whether it’s post-secondary, employment, trade school, or travelling; Canopy provides the support, meaningful learning opportunities, and the development of skills and attributes for all to be successful.

In Canopy, students build deep connections with their peers and the two program teachers through regular online class meetings and individual check-ins, while working through core-courses together in a synchronous fashion. This provides meaningful support and builds a strong community of learners, while also allowing flexibility and choice in their educational experiences. By pacing the learning, students have the opportunity to work in small groups, share and discuss ideas and concepts, and maintain consistent progress throughout the year to ensure course completion by June.

Growth is key to all learning, and Canopy focuses on student growth and development throughout the year, and during each grade. By combining all grad-required courses in a cross-curricular approach, students are able to connect competencies and skills in meaningful and personal learning experiences and activities. Student strengths and interests are honoured, and areas for growth identified and further developed – all in a collaborative and fully supported environment.

The Canopy Program is free to BC residents, and each family has access to ‘Students Learning Resource Funding’ to support additional learning opportunities such as music lessons or access to sport activities. The Canopy program is offered province wide and builds off of our very successful HLC K-9 (Heartwood Learning Community) program.


  • Canopy 10-12 works ‘synchronously’ throughout the regular school year with students having flexibility and choice in their pace within the bi-weekly structure.
  • Additional elective/choice courses at the grade 11&12 level are self-paced, but time management and progress is supported by students’ core Canopy teachers.
  • Students will have weekly class-meetings (approximately 2 hours per week) and access to additional individual weekly check-ins.


  • Anywhere in BC (reliable internet access is required)


  • Any student interested in a more flexible structure that allows working from anywhere, while still maintaining a highly supported high school approach to learning.


  • Complete high school in a virtually blended environment that allows flexibility and ownership in your own learning.
  • Be part of a rich community of learners that fosters engagement, personalization, and cross-curricular applied learning opportunities.
  • Create life-long connections and friendships in your graduating years and prepare for life after high school in a meaningful and personalized way.


  • Currently accepting registration for grades 10 & 11 only
  • To register for this program, just click on the ‘Enroll Now’ button at the top of the page and find ‘Canopy’ under the ‘Special Programs’ section.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: