Law 12

It is recommended that students complete: Explorations in Social Studies 11.

View the complete Learning Outcomes for this course: Law 12 Integrated Resource Package

Law 12 helps students to understand how laws and regulations are made, applied, and reviewed. It also helps them to understand the role of law and the benefits of the legal system. Law 12 fosters skills and attitudes that enhance students’ abilities to address legal, social, and ethical issues, and reflect critically on the role of law in society. The study of law also promotes the skills and abilities needed to clearly express ideas, argue effectively, logically and accurately interpret the written word. To meet career challenges, students need to make decisions, think critically, solve problems, work both independently and with others, and recognize their legal rights and responsibilities.


  • Introduction: All About Law
  • Unit 1 – Fundamentals of Canadian Law
  • Unit 2 – Origins of Canadian Law
  • Unit 3 – Canadian Courts
  • Unit 4 – The Canadian Constitution
  • Unit 5 – The Charter of Rights
  • Unit 6 – Criminal Law
  • Unit 7 – Canada, the Code and Crimes
  • Unit 8 – The Correctional System
  • Unit 9 – Civil Law
  • Unit 10 – Family Law
  • Final Project


There are no tests in Law 12

First Assignment, Intro Assignment, Assignments, Quizzes & Final project: 90% of final mark

Unit Projects: 10% of final mark

Required Resources: Law 12 Source File (will be made available to students), internet access and a computer.

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