Sociology 11

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Please note: Sociology 11 cannot be used as a Grade 12 credit for the adult graduation program. 

The world is becoming more complex. Sociology is the study of the development, structure and functioning of human society. How do your beliefs, values and behavior affect the people around you and the world we live in? How do the relationships with culture groups, governments and other organizations develop and affect the life of an individual? In this increasingly connected world, students will examine problems in our society and learn how human relationships can influence the life of the student.


  • Unit 1: An Invitation to the World of Sociology (First Assignment)
  • Unit 2: Our Culture
  • Unit 3: Socialization
  • Unit 4: Social Structure and Group Behavior
  • Unit 5: Deviance and Crime
  • Unit 6: Social Stratification and Class
  • Unit 7: Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity
  • Unit 8: Gender


  • First Assignment-10% of the overall course mark
  • Assignments and Discussions – 70% of overall course mark
    • 1. Lab Questions
    • 2. Text Questions
    • 3. Discussions
  • Unit Quizzes– 10% of overall mark
  • Midterm and & Final Exam – 10% of overall mark

Required Resources: a computer with internet access with Adobe Flash, Microsoft Word, and headphones or speakers.

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