Online Courses for Non-Graduated Adult Students

BC residents who are non-graduated adults can register with our grad plan to access free online courses through Navigate NIDES.  A non-graduated adult is defined as someone who has never completed the requirements for graduation in any jurisdiction anywhere in the world. If your goal is to complete your BC Dogwood certificate, you can work at your own pace without attending a secondary school. If your goal is to take specific courses without a plan to meet graduation requirements, please check with one of our counselors before enrolling to review your options as tuition fees may apply.

If you have more questions about graduation requirements, have a look here

Tuition Free Courses for Graduated Adult Students

A graduated adult is someone who has completed the requirements for high school graduation anywhere in the world, but wants to upgrade their course marks or earn pre-requisite credits to meet entrance requirements for post-secondary programs at colleges and universities. Please ensure that you have thoroughly researched the requirements of the post secondary program you are applying to prior to registration with Navigate to ensure that you are selecting the appropriate course for your desired field of study. Please feel free to contact one of our counsellors for help. All graduated adults taking Navigate courses are responsible for paying testing fees charged by third party providers (i.e. institutional testing centres outside of the Comox Valley).

Graduated Adult – Tuition Free Courses (As of July 1, 2019)
Academic Upgrading Courses

    • Anatomy and Physiology 12
    • Calculus 12
    • Chemistry 11
    • Chemistry 12
    • Composition 11
    • Creative Writing 11
    • English Studies 12
    • Foundations of Mathematics 11
    • Foundations of Mathematics 12
    • Life Sciences 11
    • Literary Studies 11
    • New Media 11
    • Physics 11
    • Physics 12
    • Pre-Calculus 11
    • Pre-Calculus 12
    • Workplace Mathematics 11