International Languages

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Introductory Language Courses

Including French 10, Italian 10, Spanish 10 

This is the first, beginner’s course; students should have little or no knowledge of the language (or a desire to start from the beginning); students complete Units 1-6 of Rosetta Stone in this course.

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10 Tips for Language Learning Success

Grade 10 Language assessment breakdown

  • First Assignment   (10%)
  • Communicative Learning Component – Rosetta Stone Units 1 – 6   (66%; 11% per unit)
  • Creative Works Component (8%)
  • Connections (Journal) Component (8%)
  • Rosetta Ston​e – Games & Activities (8%)

Navigate offers the largest international language school in the Pacific Northwest!

The Navigate International Language program is the fastest and most convenient way to learn a new language without traveling.

We’ve partnered with Rosetta Stone™, makers of the world’s leading language-learning software, to offer online courses in more than 20 languages and dialects. Rosetta Stone™ Foundations Silver is an interactive online learning program that includes reading, writing, and speaking in a new language. An international language course is free to non-graduated BC students working toward their graduation requirements.

The registration process for international language courses includes the completion of a first assignment. Each language option has its own assignment that will be emailed to you after registration. If you have any questions regarding which course to choose, please contact the Registrar at 1-800-663-7925.

Required Resources: Computer and internet access with a microphone and speakers/headset, Rosetta Stone (a license will be issued to you upon registration).