Navigate (NIDES) prides itself on building innovative programs that serve students and parents in the local communities we work with throughout British Columbia.  We believe in learning that is centred on the discovery and development of each student’s passions and “sparks” in life, and surrounding them with community mentors who can work with parents and teachers to create dynamic programming for all children.

We are always open to discussing the possibilities for developing additional local programs that are centred on such things as the fine arts, outdoor & environmental education, place-based learning, STEM curriculum or another specialized focus (e.g. dance, equestrian or agricultural).

Our Heartwood Learning Community programs begin with as little as 8 students, and include teacher led, blended instructional platforms that combine face-to-face classes with online learning at home.  The Seven Summits Centre for Learning provides a full slate of 8-12 secondary courses and programming for students in Rossland, BC.  The Harbour Dancentre in Nanaimo is home to a morning academic study and afternoon training/instruction platform that serves advanced skill and training development for their K-12 students.

We strive to make learning flexible and accessible with all our partner communities!

If you are interested in learning more about developing your own local, blended learning program for K-12 students, we would love to hear from you!

Please contact Navigate (NIDES) Vice Principal Marieke Holtkamp for more information.

Our Mission

“To support successful learning by providing student-centred, teacher-directed, distributed learning services through the use of diverse technologies and community partnerships.”