Many students with diverse needs and abilities, including those with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Autism, Chronic Health Conditions, physical and developmental disabilities, find a welcoming alternative at Navigate. Our online learning programs offer a special needs education option that allows children to progress at their own pace and in the comfort of their own homes while maintaining the peer support and sense of community of a conventional school environment.

When you register your child in the Navigate special needs education program, one of our BC-certified Learning Support Teachers (LSTs) will help you create an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that considers your child’s needs and abilities and maps out the best route to academic success. The LST will be the case manager, will direct your child’s education, and be your primary liaison with the school.

Nanaimo Unique Kids Organization (NUKO)

We’re proud to provide support teachers, resources and funding facilitation for the Nanaimo Unique Kids Organization. This inspirational facility offers a place for children with low-incidence designation to obtain an education in a warm, welcoming environment that’s tailored to their individual needs.

HOLTKAMP, Marieke Tsolum HLC Vice Principal (K-9) (250) 337-5300 ext. 1052
KAVALIUNAS, Alison Tsolum Vice Principal (8-12) (250) 337-5300 ext. 1107
BURNS, Alison Tsolum (M-F) NUKO LST (250) 337-5300 ext. 1046
HOWEY, Linda Tsolum (M-F) FAe LST (250) 337-5300 ext. 1049
MARCUZZI, Michelle Penticton Excel LST
WYDENES, Susan LST 10-12, Seven Summits, North Shore Academy
BRYCELAND, Alison Tsolum (M-F) LST Compass K-9