Adult Graduation Program

You will need a total of 5 courses to graduate:
  1. English 12 
  2. A Mathematics 11 or 12 (3 choices)
  3. A grade 12 course
  4. A grade 12 course
  5. A grade 12 course

You may have credit for some courses you took in high school or with a college course. We would need to see your transcript(s) to determine any credits you may have earned.

With the grade 12 courses being anything you would find interesting or useful or that meets requirements for a post-secondary program. Food & Nutrition 12 is a good options if you have been out of school for a while. Note that many grade 12 courses have no prerequisites. Take a look through the course offerings here and then feel free to contact us. As well, if you have been working, you may be able to get credit for Work Experience 12.

Please note: Forensic Science 12, Psychology 12, and Veterinary Science 12 cannot be used for the adult graduation program.

You are given 7 months to complete an online course, however you can complete as fast as you can. You have access to your teacher either by phone or e-mail.

Once you have determined the course(s), you want to take you can begin the registration process.
1. Complete the registration form – located here
2. Upload the required documents as indicated.
3. Complete the first assignment for the course.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact our counsellors

Secondary Counsellor Wendy Chase 15930