Navigate offers personalized learning plans that offer students more flexibility and options than mainstream classrooms. Full time 8-12 students can enroll with Navigate NIDES at any time and choose from a full range of academic and elective courses. These courses can be completed online at any time and at any pace, allowing students to develop their own schedule and meet their graduation requirements at any time during the calendar year.

Learning at home can significantly reduce the stress that many students experience in a high school environment. Student stress can be a huge distraction from effective learning, caused by busy schedules, commuting, heavy academic loads, or social issues. Navigate facilitates a learning partnership between students, teachers, parents, and the community that is personalized, supportive, and flexible.

A student’s secondary school experience can have a significant impact on their development as adults and their options for post-secondary education. Flexibility becomes even more important as teen independence starts to include social interests, employment opportunities, and more advanced recreational pursuits.

Here is some important information that can help students with graduation planning.


  • Students can register with Navigate NIDES throughout the year, even while they are attending another school


  • The choice is yours! You can work on your computer from any location!
  • Independent Learning Centers (ILC) are available at secondary schools in the Comox Valley to provide access to a classroom environment, computer lab, and the face-to-face support of a BC-certified teacher.


  • Any student who is a BC resident can enroll with Navigate to complete their graduation requirements.


  • Gives students a creative solution to follow their own educational path
  • BC Ministry of Education approved courses
  • Navigate offers a wide variety of academic and elective courses to ignite your spark
  • Navigate accepts new students throughout the year
  • Allows students to work at their own pace and choose their own schedule


  • To register for this program just click the “Enroll Now” button
  • Contact our Secondary Counsellor – Wendy Chase