English 11: Composition

This course has been designed to meet the requirements of the new English Language Arts 10-12 curriculum as outlined by the Ministry of Education.  It is a 4 credit course that provides students with an English 11 credit.

View the complete Learning Standards for this course: English 11: Composition

It is recommended that students take English 10 prior to enrolling in this course.

Course Description

Welcome to the course! Composition 11 is a robust senior language arts course designed to help you transform into an efficient communicator, effective writer and critical thinker. Composition 11 is divided into 3 distinct modules:

Module 1: Information Navigation

The topics touched on in this module include advertising and branding, media influence, stereotypes and learning to communicate in the digital world.

  • Module 1 Section 1: Giving Our Ideas Structure
  • Module 1 Section 2: Evaluating Information and Citing Sources
  • Module 1 Section 3: Active Reading and Critical Thinking
  • Module 3 Section 4: Fighting Fake News By Thinking Critically
  • Module 1 Test

Module 2: Storytelling

A look at different ways to write, poetic language, telling stories, personal narratives and First Nations oral traditions.

  • Module 2 Section 1: Sharing Stories
  • Module 2 Section 2: Spinning Words
  • Module 2 Section 3: The Power of Language
  • Module 2 Section 4: First People’s Perspectives
  • Module 2 Test

Module 3: Independent Novel Study

In Module 3 you will choose your own novel and complete 3 activities: settings postcards, a soundtrack to your novel and a literary essay

First Assignment 10%
Module 1 Activities 25%
Module 2 Activities 25%
Module 3 Activities 20%
Module Tests 20%

Required Resources: a computer with internet access and speakers or headphones.

BC Performance Standards