Contemporary Indigenous Studies 12

The Contemporary Indigenous Studies 12 course explores various contemporary issues facing Indigenous communities in Canada (and abroad) today. In exploring the issues that face Indigenous peoples, the course looks to unpack the history behind how these issues came to be and analyzes the various avenues being implemented to move forward towards genuine reconciliation.

Topics include Exploring Cultural Differences and the Role of Identity, Recognizing the Role of Indigenous Knowledge, and Exploring Indigenous Control over Indigenous Land, Education, and People. The course consists of four units that address the four big ideas of the curriculum.

  • The identities, worldviews, and languages of indigenous peoples are renewed, sustained, and transformed through their connection to the land.
  • Indigenous peoples are reclaiming mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being despite the continuing effects of colonialism.
  • Indigenous peoples continue to advocate and assert rights to self-determination.
  • Reconciliation requires all colonial societies to work together to foster healing and address injustices.

Within each unit there are opportunities for students to practice their skills before submitting a learning guide and a unit project – where students will choose one option from three/four alternatives.


  • Unit 1: Exploring Cultural Differences and the Role of Identity
  • Unit 2: Reclamation of Indigeneity
  • Unit 3: Self-determination & Advocacy
  • Unit 4: Reconciliation & Healing

The course is both insightful and thought-provoking, necessary knowledge for the informed global citizens we all aspire to be!


For each Unit, the student will complete a learning guide, a project and a reflection

Unit 1 25%
Unit 2 25%
Unit 3 25%
Unit 4 25%

Required Resources: a computer with internet access and headphones/speakers.

BC Performance Standards