English 11: Creative Writing

This course has been designed to meet the requirements of the new English Language Arts 10-12 curriculum as outlined by the Ministry of Education.  It is a 4 credit course that provides students with an English 11 credit.

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It is recommended that students take English 10 prior to enrolling in this course.

Course Description

Creative Writing 11 is a course designed for the student who loves to write creatively, and wants to improve their creative writing skills. Several different types of creative writing will be explored in this course including creative non-fiction, poetry, memoir, advice column Flash fiction and oral traditions. Explorations and learning happen through videos, readings, examples, and instructor feedback. Students show their learning through writing, portfolios, presentations, projects, discussions and quizzes and tests.

Course Structure

The course is divided into three modules:

Module 1 – Creative Non-fiction

  • Lesson 1: Review of the Writing Process
  • Lesson 2: Form
  • Lesson 3: Voice
  • Lesson 4: Style
  • Module 1 Project

Module 2 – Memoir and Identity

  • Lesson 1: Narrative
  • Lesson 2: Reading and Responding
  • Lesson 2: Description in Writing
  • Lesson 4: Memoir
  • Module 2 Project

Module 3 – Stories and Poetry

  • Lesson 1: Genre
  • Lesson 2: Conventions of a Story
  • Lesson 3: Poetry and Language
  • Lesson 4: Oral Traditions
  • Lesson 5: Weaving Your Story

Grade Structure

First Assignment 10%
Module 1 Activities (assignments, discussions, quizzes, project) 30%
Module 2 Activities (assignments, discussions, quiz, project) 20%
Module 3 Activities (assignments, discussions, quiz, poetry portfolio) 20%
Module Tests 20%

Required Resources: a computer with internet access and speakers or headphones.

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