Culinary Arts 12

Introduction to Culinary Arts 12 (student receives credit for Home Economics: Foods and Nutrition 12)

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Can you imagine a world with no restaurants or fast-food drive-throughs?  Since nearly every main street in Canada is now lined with these establishments, it may be hard to envision life without them. Yet there was a time when the only food a person consumed was the food prepared by himself or his family. The food service industry has shaped our society in innumerable ways, from pumping money into the economy to changing the way Canadians eat (for better or for worse!).  To begin with, Unit One/First  Assignment:  The History and Development of the Food Service Industry  examines the rich history of the food service industry as well as some of its key players.


  • UNIT ONE: First Assignment
  • UNIT TWO: Food, People, and Society
  • UNIT THREE: Basic Nutrition
  • UNIT FOUR: Culinary Arts Safety
  • UNIT FIVE: Laws and Regulations Governing Food Service
  • UNIT SIX: Fundamental Skills in Culinary Arts
  • UNIT SEVEN: Careers in the Culinary Arts Industry
  • UNIT EIGHT: Becoming Employable in the Culinary Arts Industry

Each unit has assignments which consist of questions responding to text and video, topics.  Each unit also has a quiz.  There is a midterm and a final exam. No materials; all lessons and assignments are online.


  • Unit One/First Assignment         10%
  • Seven Unit Assignments             70%
  • Unit Quizzes                                  10%
  • Midterm & Final Exams               10%

Required Resources: a computer with internet access. Students are responsible for materials needed to do labs.

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