English 8

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The course consists of one introduction topic and four ‘modules’, described below.

Introduction & Skill Building: (You completed this section as your first assignment.)  This first section will have the reading, writing and grammar skills that you will first learn and then apply to the other sections of the course when you need them. A short written project is the final assignment in this section

Module 1: Poetry

Students will develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing poetry. They will study poetic devices and vocabulary, analyze different forms of poetry and write their own poetry as well.

Module 2: Traditional Stories

Students will be studying the culture and art of Canadian Indigenous People. They will learn the elements of mythology and respond to different readings.

Module 3: Independent Novel Study

Students will choose a novel of their choice (or from a suggested list) and discuss the novel using reading response journals.

Module 4: Media Studies

Students will learn all about social media, globalization, and cyberbullying and create their own work on these topics.


First Assignment            10% (Skill Builders Module)

Assignments                  60% (15 total)

Discussions                   20% (5 total)

Quizzes                         10% (2 total; 1 is for marks)

Required resources: All materials are found and submitted online. A novel of the student’s choice will be needed.

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