English First Peoples 12

Ministry code: EFP 12 – 4 credits (indigenous focused credits) View the complete competencies here

English First Peoples 12 encourages students to explore and examine a variety of First Peoples texts, stories and voices. In doing so students have the opportunity to experience a deeper understanding of themselves, others and the world.

As they work through the course, students will be asked to demonstrate their understanding through a variety of assignments and journals and make connections between Canada’s past, self-representation, justice, and the process of reconciliation.

MODULE 1: Identity- 20%

  • Journal Entries
  • Personal Memoire

MODULE 2: Stories- 20%

  • Elements of Fiction
  • Literary Response Essay

MODULE 3: Novel Study- 30%

  • Setting, Symbol, Theme
  • Persuasive Essay

MODULE 4: Representation and Reconciliation- 20%

  • Inquiry Project


First Assignment 10%
Module 1 Assignments 20%
Module 2 Assignments 20%
Module 3 Assignments 30%
Module 4 Assignments 20%

Required Resources: a computer with internet access and headphones/speakers.

BC Performance Standards