English First Peoples: Literary Studies and New Media 11

Ministry code: ELMN11 – 4 credits (indigenous focused credits.) View the complete competencies here

English First Peoples: Literary Studies and New Media 11 is designed to teach a broad set of literacy skills through an Indigenous perspective. There are opportunities to practice formal and informal writing, and to read a selection of authentic Indigenous stories in a wide variety of media. Wherever possible, space has been provided for student choice.

Course Outline and Grading Structure

First Assignment – 10%

This includes a land acknowledgment, a short research assignment comparing two Nations, and a presentation about cultural appropriation.

Module 1 – Stories – 25%

Literary Studies – a selection of stories from different Indigenous groups. There is a wide selection, including both Canadian and Global voices. There is a great deal of choice, and you will be able to decide what stories you will cover.

Assessments: Literary paragraphs, and a compare/contrast essay.

Module 2 – Texts – 25%

New Media – a focus on film, symbolism, theme, and the documentary genre.

Assessments: Film review, symbolic analysis, theme analysis, and a student-directed documentary.

Module 3 – Poetry and Music – 20%

Indigenous oral traditions, poetry, and music. There is a wide selection of poetry from across Canada and the world.

Assessments: Poems, Performance Review, and a podcast about music and culture.

Module 4 – Novel Study – 20%

The Novel will be ‘Tilly and the Crazy Eights’ by Monique Gray-Smith.

Assessment: Three choice assignments

Required Resources: a computer with internet access and headphones/speakers.

BC Performance Standards