English First Peoples: Writing 10

Ministry code: EFWR10 – 2 credits (Indigenous focused and English 10 credits.) View the complete competencies here.

This is a two-credit course that meets half of the required four credits for English 10 and Indigenous focused coursework. This course asks students to express themselves creatively, practice close reading, and to work with their teacher to develop a student directed inquiry project.

Course Outline and Grading Structure

Introductory Activities – 10%

Includes a self-introduction, some reflection questions, some learning about Indigenous protocols, and a poem.

Unit 1: How do we define ourselves? – 30%

Looks at identity, and the different ways that it is constructed. Students are encouraged to show their learning in a variety of ways. There is also an interview with a community member, which will be transformed creatively for an end of the unit project.

Unit 2: Evaluating authenticity – 30%

Formal essay writing and deep reading. Students will be asked to evaluate some examples of media and will learn how to identify an authentic Indigenous resource. The skills learned in this unit transfer nicely to media literacy.

Unit 3: Exploring your passion – 30%

This unit is student-directed! Students will work closely with their instructor and will have an opportunity to study something they are passionate about. New learning is a must. In this unit, you will be working with your teacher to take control of what you are learning, and how you show what you know. If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry! You will be supported every step of the way.

Required Resources: a computer with internet access and headphones/speakers.

BC Performance Standards