Explorations in Social Studies 11

Ministry code: EPSS 11

View the complete Learning Standards for this course here: Explorations in Social Studies 11

The main purpose of the Social Studies curriculum is to develop graduates who have the knowledge, skills, and competencies to be active, informed citizens.

Social Studies 11 Explorations is a course unlike any other that you have taken.  It has been designed to allow you to explore several areas within the realm of social studies at the grade 11 level. Each of the four modules which make up this course has been created to prepare you for one of four social studies courses at the grade 12 level. It is like those restaurants that have a sampler menu so that when you go back the next time, you know exactly what to order.

Assessment for this course include section assignments, section quizzes, module projects and module tests.

If, after taking this course, you decide not to take any of the grade 12 courses, that is fine. This course counts as your senior social studies credit for graduation.

First Assignment – 10% of final mark

BC First People Module – 14%

  • Section 1: Coast Salish Quiz/Assignment
  • Section 2: Haida Quiz/Assignment
  • Section 3: Ktunaxa Quiz/Assignment
  • Section 4: Dakelh Quiz/Assignment

Law Studies Module – 14%

  • Section 1: Political and Legal Systems Quiz/Assignment
  • Section 2: Canadian Law Quiz/Assignment
  • Section 3: Law Enforcement Quiz/Assignment
  • Section 4: Law Enforcement Quiz/Assignment

Physical Geography Module – 14%

  • Section 1: Earth’s Biomes Quiz/Assignment
  • Section 2: Climate vs Weather Quiz/Assignment
  • Section 3: Climate Change Quiz/Assignment
  • Section 4: Air and Water Quality Quiz/Assignment

20th Century World History Module – 13%

  • Section 1: Rapid Transportation Quiz/Assignment
  • Section 2: Communications Quiz/Assignment
  • Section 3: Global Networks Quiz/Assignment
  • Section 4: Food and Agriculture Quiz/Assignment

Module Projects – 15%

  • BC First People Module Project – Research the effects of Truth and Reconciliation, Residential Schools Settlements or the BC Treaty Commission
  • Law Studies Module Project – Analyze a BC Supreme Court Constitutional challenge
  • Physical Geography Module Project – Assess to what degree the temperate rainforest biome of BC has been affected by human activities.
  • 20th Century World History Module Project – Look at the progress and decline of humanity in the 20th century through the perspective of a fictional character

Module Tests – 20%

Required Resources:  a computer with internet access and headphones/speakers.

BC Performance Standards