Fashion Industry 12

Fashion Industry 12 is a course that is rich in content which provides a solid foundation for your to work on fashion design projects. You will explore fashion trends, the business of fashion, and how to design clothing. You will then showcase your understanding and skills in a series of projects. While learning about these fashion big ideas, you’ll also build strengths in the core competencies. Within the course content, you will find a variety of tools that will provide you with the opportunity to build a strong understanding of the topics covered.

View the complete Learning Outcomes here: Fashion Industry 12 Learning Outcomes


  • Unit 1 What is Fashion?
  • Unit 2 The Business of Fashion
  • Unit 3 Fashion Design
  • Unit 4 Projects


  • First Assignment                                  10%
  • Learning Guides                                   30%
  • Projects                                                  60%

Prerequisites: Although a design background will help, there are no required prerequisites for this course.

Materials and Equipment: sewing machine, sewing tools, thread, fabric and other required materials.*

*Please note: The school does not supply materials or equipment.