Food Studies 12

Please Note: Students may receive credit for Culinary Arts 12 OR Food Studies 12 through Navigate-NIDES – but not both

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Whether you are considering a career in the culinary arts or just want to be able to cook yourself a delicious meal, this course will help you develop these skills! For those with some culinary experience, you will have opportunities to challenge yourself with differing techniques and recipe modifications. Through this course you will increase your knowledge of food safety and nutrition, while exploring a variety of recipes and skills, such as baking and decorating a cake or cooking a gourmet breakfast. Local and international cuisines are explored throughout the course, as well as topics related to food production and careers in the culinary arts. Towards the end of the course students have opportunities to prepare recipes of their choice and release their creativity.


  • To utilize FOODSAFE knowledge in food preparation
  • To develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to use a variety of techniques to prepare nutritious, tasty, and attractive foods in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • To access information and support relevant to foods and nutrition topics and apply the principles of nutrition to their own food preparation
  • To understand global issues related to food production and consumption and how they impact food choices


  • Foundation for the Course
  • Kitchen Sanitation
  • Begin with Baking
  • A Changing World
  • Healthy Eating Habits
  • Food Guide
  • Meal Planning


  • First Assignment 10%
  • Assignments and quizzes 40%
  • Labs and reflections 50%


  • Distance Learning students need access to a kitchen and will need to provide their own equipment/ingredients/supplies for the course. (This will be provided for students on a blended program.)
  • Distance Learning students will also need a camera or phone in order to submit photographic evidence.
  • Internet access is required for this course as you will have to download and upload assignments.

BC Performance Standards