20th Century World History 12

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History 12 introduces you to the history of the twentieth century, beginning with the treaties that ended World War I and ending with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. While studying these events, you will also be learning something of the skills necessary to interpret historical events — how to ensure historical information is accurate and relevant, how to develop historical empathy, and how to present clear, logical arguments based on a knowledge of the events, for example. These skills will be helpful to you throughout life.

What Does the Course Consist of?

You’ll work through the four modules of History 12 as follows:

Module 1: Failure of Normalcy: The World After World War I

  • Section 1: How We Discover Truth in History, Nationalism, and Imperialism
  • Section 2: The World in 1919
  • Section 3: Russia from Revolution to World War II
  • Section 4: The USA in the 1920s and the 1930s
  • Module 1 Exam module tests are password protected – the password will be released to an approved test supervisor

Module 2: War in Mid-Century

  • Section 1: Fractious Peace and World War II
  • Section 2: International Affairs Leading up to World War II
  • Section 3: The Course of World War II
  • Section 4: Turmoil and Tragedy, 1933-1945
  • Module 2 Exam

Module 3: Uneasy Peace: Proxy Wars

  • Section 1: Causes of the Cold War
  • Section 2: The Cold War, The Berlin Blockade to the Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Section 3: The Cold War: After the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Collapse of the Soviet Union
  • Section 4: Internationalism Since 1945
  • Module 3 Exam

Module 4: The Winds of Change

  • Section 1: East Asia: India, and China
  • Section 2: Vietnam and Afghanistan
  • Section 3: The Middle East: 1945 to 1991
  • Section 4: Economic and Social Change in the Post-War World
  • Module 4 Exam

Each of the modules consists of lessons, guided practice activities, discussions and section assignments . Be sure to work through all the lessons and lesson activities in a section before attempting the section assignment.

Course Evaluation 

In this course you will be marked on all section assignments and tests. A passing grade on section assignments and tests is 50% or higher. Your course grade is a combination of marks earned on the section assignments (70%) and tests (30%).


  • Assignments – 55%
  • Projects – 16%
  • Quizzes – 7%
  • Tests – 12%
  • First Assignment – 10%

Required Resources: a computer with internet access

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