English 11: Literary Studies

This course has been designed to meet the requirements of the new English Language Arts 10-12 curriculum as outlined by the Ministry of Education.  It is a 4 credit course that provides students with an English 11 credit.

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It is recommended that students take English 10 prior to enrolling in this course.

Course Description

Literary Studies 11 is a course designed for the student who loves literature! It is a survey course that spans historical time from the Norse roots of the English language through to contemporary modern examples. Beginning with the riveting epic tale of Beowulf, first penned in 700 AD, Literary Studies 11 wends its way through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, at look at the literary traditions of Indigenous people, and ending with a novel study. Explorations and learning happen through videos, readings, examples, and instructor feedback. Students show their learning through writing, presentations, projects, discussions and quizzes and tests.

Course Structure

The course is divided into five modules:

Module 1 – Early Literature

Introductory Discussion – Anglo Saxons

Section 1: Beowulf  – Assignment: Beowulf research report

Section 2: The Canterbury Tales – Assignment: Character Profiles

Section 3: Medieval Ballads – Assignment: Ballad Writing

Module 1 Project

Module 2 – Renaissance Literature

Introductory Discussion: The Renaissance

Section 1: Carpe Diem – Assignment: Write Your Own Carpe Diem poem

Section 2: Sonnets – Assignment: Writing a Sonnet

Module 2 Project

Module 3 – Macbeth

Lesson 1: The Historical Context of Macbeth – Discussion: How Are You like or Unlike Macbeth

Lesson 2: Theme in Macbeth – Discussion: Theme in Story

Lesson 3: Archetype – Assignment: Dichotomy Presentation

Midterm Exam

Module 4 First People’s Perspectives

Section 1: Oral Traditions – Assignment: Creation/Transformer Stories

Section 2: Indigenous Literature – Discussion: Indigenous Literature

Module 4 Project

Module 5: Novel Study

Assignment 1: Setting Postcards

Assignment 2: Soundtrack to My Novel

Assignment 3: Essay

Grade Structure

First Assignment 10%
Module 1 Activities (assignments, discussion, project) 15%
Module 2 Activities (assignments, discussion, project) 15%
Module 3 Activities (assignments, discussions) 20%
Module 4 Activities (assignments, discussion, project) 15%
Module 5 Activities (assignments, essay) 15%
Midterm and Final Exams 10%

Required Resources: a computer with internet access and speakers or headphones.

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