Math 10: Workplace

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Workplace Math 10 prepares students for the working world. The main concepts covered in this course are finance, measurements, scales and shapes. The course was designed to break larger topics into manageable chunks so that students at all levels of Mathematical ability will be successful in this course.

Workplace 10 is divided into 8 units. For each unit the student will complete a self-marked learning guide, one or two quizzes, an online exam or project and self reflections. Tests in this course must be supervised by an approved test supervisor.

The 8 Units are:

  • Unit 1 – Numeracy
  • Unit 2 – Measurements
  • Unit 3 – Geometry
  • Unit 4 – Trigonometry
  • Unit 5 – Averages
  • Unit 6 – Data Analysis
  • Unit 7 – Graphs and Tables
  • Unit 8 – Finances


  • Learning Guides and Quizzes               50%
  • Tests and Projects                                  40% 
  • Self-Reflections                                       10%

Required Resources: a computer with internet access and speakers or headphone, a printer or tablet with annotating capabilities.