Math 11 – Foundations

Ministry code: FOM 11

It is recommended that students complete: Foundations Mathematics 10 or equivalent prior to enrolling in this course.

View the complete Learning Standards for this course here: Foundations Math 11

This course is designed to provide students with developing mathematical understandings that are identified for post-secondary studies in programs that do not require the study of theoretical calculus. Topics in this course include logical reasoning, geometry, measurement, relations and functions, statistics and finance. This course is accepted as a Grade 11 mathematics credit for graduation.

Unit 1: Finances

Unit 2: Properties of angles and triangles

Unit 3: Scale Models

Unit 4: Quadratics

Unit 5: Graphing and Tables

Unit 6: Inequalities

Unit 7: Probability

Unit 8: Reasoning


Item % of final mark Notes
Unit Assignments 20%
Unit Quizzes and Tests 30% (not supervised)
Projects 10% (4 to complete)
First Exam (units 1 to 4) 20% online supervision using a camera
Second Exam (units 5 to 8) 20% online supervision using a camera

Required Resources:  a computer with internet access and headphones/speakers.

Suggested Resource:  A graphing calculator.

BC Performance Standards