Math 12 Pre-Calculus

It is recommended that students complete:  Pre-Calculus 11.

View the complete Learning Outcomes for this course: Pre-Calculus Math 12 Integrated Resource Package

This course is suited for students who will continue their studies in math and science at a post-secondary institution.

Students use headphones/speakers to hear narration and explanation while the material is presented online. Students have complete control over the pace at which they learn the lesson – lessons can be paused, resumed, and repeated using simple navigation buttons. Examples are interactive with ani­mated step-by-step flash and video whiteboard solutions.


  • Unit 1:  Transformations
  • Unit 2:  Radicals and Rationals
  • Unit 3:  Polynomials
  • Unit 4:  Exponents and Logarithms
  • Unit 5:  Circular Functions
  • Unit 6:  Trigonometric Equations and Identities
  • Unit 7:  Conics
  • Unit 8:  Sequences and Series


Unit Review Assignments  20%
Projects (2) and little quizzes  15%
Unit Tests*  10%
Midterm exam:  25%
Final exam:  30%

* – You’ll be given an access code after completing the send in unit review

Please Note: Quizzes and Unit Tests are not supervised but are expected to be written with integrity. The two exams (Midterm and Final) are supervised. Students are encouraged to secure a teacher from their regular school to assist in test supervision, or go to a testing centre. If neither of these options are available, contact your teacher to arrange online supervision.

Required Resource: Access to a computer with speakers/headphones and internet

BC Performance Standards