Math 12 Pre-Calculus

This course is in the process of being revised. It currently is not compatible with iOS and will not work on an iPhone or iPad

It is recommended that students complete:  Pre-Calculus 11.

View the complete Learning Outcomes for this course: Pre-Calculus Math 12 Integrated Resource Package

This course is suited for students who will continue their studies in math and science at a post-secondary institution.

Students use headphones/speakers to hear narration and explanation while the material is presented online. Students have complete control over the pace at which they learn the lesson – lessons can be paused, resumed, and repeated using simple navigation buttons. Examples are interactive with ani­mated step-by-step flash and video whiteboard solutions.


  • Unit 1:  Transformations
  • Unit 2:  Radicals and Rationals
  • Unit 3:  Polynomials
  • Unit 4:  Exponents and Logarithms
  • Unit 5:  Circular Functions
  • Unit 6:  Trigonometric Equations and Identities
  • Unit 7:  Conics
  • Unit 8:  Sequences and Series


Unit Review Assignments  20%
Projects (2) and little quizzes  15%
Unit Tests*  10%
Midterm exam:  25%
Final exam:  30%

* – You’ll be given an access code after completing the send in unit review

Please Note: Quizzes and unit tests are not supervised. The two exams (midterm and final) are supervised online.  Students require a computer and camera to be set up for supervision like the below photograph.

Required Resource: Access to a computer with speakers/headphones and internet

BC Performance Standards