Photography 11

Student receives credit for Media Arts 11

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Have you wondered how professional photographers manage to capture that perfect image?  Gain a better understanding of photography by exploring camera functions and the elements of composition while putting theory into practice by taking your own spectacular shots! Learn how to display your work for exhibitions and develop skills important for a career as a photographer.

In this course, there are 8 units.  The first unit “Taking the First Shot” will be completed as your FIRST ASSIGNMENT.  Once you submit your first assignment, you will have access to your course and complete the unit 1 quiz.  For units 2 to 8, you will complete 4 tasks for each unit: a set of concept questions, a lab, a photography assignment, and a quiz.  Each unit is worth 10%.

  • Unit 1:  Taking the First Shot
  • Unit 2:  Moving into Manual
  • Unit 3:  A snapshot of History
  • Unit 4:  The Nature of Light
  • Unit 5:  Creative Composition
  • Unit 6:  Producing Great Images
  • Unit 7:  Manipulation and Management
  • Unit 8:  Present your Work

There is a midterm and a final exam in the course.  Each worth 10%.  The quizzes and exams are not supervised as we trust you are completing this course with integrity.

Required Resources: a computer with internet access and a digital camera. The camera must have the capability for the user to set certain modes (Manual, Aperture, etc).

BC Performance Standards