Physical and Health Education 10

View the complete Learning Outcomes for this course: Physical Education 8 -10 Integrated Resource Package (Grade 10 Learning Outcomes are on page 40)

PE 10 is a 20 week course that is designed to be completed within 20 weeks. The course is grouped into five  4-week periods of time. Students are required to fully document their physical activity for each reporting period and submit an activity report that accounts for 20 hours of activity for each 4 week period. Exercises/activity must be current or recent – within two weeks of the end of the reporting period – to count. Each activity must be verified by an adult and with digital evidence (a digital photograph or video).

Acceptable activities include those that are typically done as part of a regular PE class. Domestic chores, work and Wii Fit don’t count as acceptable activities (i.e. chopping wood, walking to the mall, shopping, Wii boxing, Wii tennis etc.).


First Assignment 10%
Activity Reports 15% (5 activity reports @ 3% each)
Modules; Assignments, Quizzes & Discussions 75% (15% each for 5 modules)


  • Internet access is required for this course as you will have to download and upload assignment files.
  • A digital camera or video camera is required to provide digital evidence of your participation in the activities
  • Microsoft Office or LibreOffice (available as freeware)

BC Performance Standards