Physical and Health Education 8

Ministry code: MPHE–08

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Physical and Health Education 8 aims to enable all learners to enhance their lives through active living. The Physical and Health Education curriculum focusses on four areas: Physical Literacy (the knowledge, skills and mindsets that enable students to successfully participate in a wide range of physical activities), Healthy and Active Living (developing a healthy lifestyle both inside and outside of school), Social and Community Health (understanding that our overall health and safety is influenced by our surroundings, including the physical environment and interpersonal relationships, and Mental Well Being (learning about the many factors that influence our mental well-being, our sense of self and how we cope with change).


  • Introduction to the Course
  • Completing Your Monthly Journal (DPA)
  • Evaluating Your Progress
  • What Happens if You Are Sick or Injured?
  • First Assignment: Be a Super Health Hero
  • *Complete DPA Journal*


Unit 1: Activities, Games and Training

  • Lesson 1: Individual and Group Activities (Jumping Rope, Swimming, Biking and Bike Safety, Running and Running Safety, Hula Hooping, Juggling)
  • Lesson 2: Sample Activities – Games (Trigon, Four Square, Cup and Ball, Inuit – One Foot High Kick, Tag Basics, Hunter and Moose Tag Game)
  • Module 1 Assignment 1: Training Principles (Introduction to Training Principles, Specificity, Overload and Recovery, the FIIT Principle)
  • Module 1 Assignment 2: Healthy Eating (Teens and Health, Influences, Allergies, Peers, Pop Culture, Media, Convenience, Fast Food, Better Options)
  • *Complete DPA Journal*


Unit 2: Setting Goals for Healthful Living

  • Lesson 1: Basic Throwing and Catching (One Handed Throw, One Handed Catch, Throwing and Catching a Frisbee and a Football)
  • Module 2 Assignment 1: More Health Choices and Consequences (Alcohol, Marijuana, Ecstasy/MDMA, Fentanyl)
  • Module 2 Assignment 2: Healthy Living Goals (Healthy Living Goals Template, Setting Goals, Factors that Contribute to Physical Wellness)
  • Lesson 2: Basketball (Moving the Ball, Learning to Dribble and Pass, Passing Drills, Shooting a Basketball)
  • *Complete DPA Journal*


Unit 3: How Marketing Can Impact Our Physical Health

  • Lesson 1: Basketball Continued (Roles and Positions, Defense, Rebounds, Avoiding Fouls, Mini-Game)
  • Module 3 Assignment 1: Marketing and Advertising Tactics (Advertising Tactics – Family, Music, Bandwagon, Celebrity, False Claims, Supplements and Health Claims, Alcohol, Competition Comparison)
  • Module 3 Assignment 2: Potential Consequences of Health Decisions Quiz (Nutrition Considerations, Long Term Consequences of Unhealthy Dietary Choices, Sleep, Sexual Activity)
  • Lesson 2: Rhythmic Activities (Gymnastics, Social Dance, Cotton Eyed Joe, Hip Hop Dance, Zumba, 45 Minute Dance Workout, 10 Minute Music Workout)
  • Module 3 Assignment 3: Responding to Emergencies (Workplace Safety, Sport Safety, Heat Related Emergencies, Emergency Response Plans, Getting Help, First Aid)
  • Module 3 Assignment 4: Unsafe or Exploitative Situations (Sexual Exploitation, Tricks and Lures, Potentially Unsafe Situations, Help for Victims, What Not to Share)
  • *Complete DPA Journal*


Unit 4: Healthy Bodies and Healthy Relationships

  • Lesson 1: Badminton (Introduction to Badminton, Basic Rules, a Badminton Court, Basic Grips, Forehands and Backhands)
  • Module 4 Assignment 1: Bullying, Stereotyping and Discrimination (Bullying, Cyberbullying, Stereotyping, Discrimination, Being Part of the Solution)
  • Module 4 Assignment 2: Healthy Relationships Quiz (Healthy vs. Unhealthy, Relationships, Relationships and Health, Developing and Maintaining Healthy Relationships)
  • Lesson 2: Ideas for More Activities, Games, Skills and Concepts (Seated Exercises for Limited Mobility or Obesity, 30 Minute Workout Video, Ever Active Everywhere)
  • Module 4 Assignment 3: Promoting a Healthy Community (Safe and Caring Environments, Respect for Diversity, Your Rights, Harassment and Intimidation, Inclusion, Healthy Communities)
  • Module 4 Assignment 4: Physical, Emotional and Social Changes (Puberty, Depression, Relationships, Identity)
  • *Complete DPA Journal*


Unit 5: Physical and Mental Health

  • Lesson 1: Soccer (Introduction, Dribbling, Learning How to Pass and Shoot, Receiving a Pass, Juggling the Ball)
  • Lesson 2: Soccer (Positioning, Starting a Game, Offside, Throw Ins, Corner and Goal Kicks, Fouls, Strategies for Defending and Attacking)
  • Module 5 Assignment 1: Substance Use and Potentially Addictive Behaviours (Media and Substances, Music, Literature, Media and You, Influences)
  • Module 5 Assignment 2: Stress, Anxiety and Depression (Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Mental Health, Mental Health Strategies)
  • Module 5 Assignment 3: Mental Well Being Quiz (Mental Well Being and Social Media, Stressors, Help with Mental Health, Mindfulness, Self-Esteem, Substance Misuse, Peer Pressure)
  • *Complete DPA Journal*


  • First Assignment 5%
  • DPA Journals 65%
  • Assignments and Quizzes 30%

Required Resources: a computer with internet access and headphones/speakers.

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