Physics 11

[ Ministry code: PH 11 ]

Although there is no formal prerequisite for Physics 11, it is recommended that students have maintained a minimum of 75% in both Foundations of Mathematics 10 and Science 10. Students who may have not done so may want to consider upgrading their math skills before taking this course.

View the complete Learning Standards for this course here: Physics 11

Physics 11 consists of 7 Content Modules, 3 Curricular Competencies modules, and a final Summative Assessment Module. Each module consists of several lessons, activities, and quizzes/assessments. Each content module has an associated learning guide which is meant for practice and notes and will not be graded.

Content Modules:

  • Motion
  • Projectiles
  • Forces
  • 2D Forces
  • Energy
  • Electricity
  • Waves

Curricular Competencies Modules:

  • Level 1: Scientific Literacy
  • Level 2: Scientific arguments and writing
  • Level 3: Data analysis and Scientific Inquiry

Summative Assessment Module:

  • Skills Path
    • Complete a Summary of Learning Project
  • Knowledge Path
    • Complete a Final Exam
  • Mastery Path
    • Complete a Summary of Learning Project; and
    • Complete a Final Exam


First Assignment  10%
Content  30%
Curricular Competencies  35%
Summative Assessment  25%

Required Resources: a computer with internet access and headphones/speakers, a scientific calculator, ruler and protractor. As binder is recommended for notes, investigations and assignments, and should include both lined and graph paper.

Access to the Comox Valley School Office 365 software (available for free to all students – more information available here.

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