Physics 11

This course is in the process of being revised. It currently is not compatible with iOS and will not work on an iPhone or iPad

View the complete Learning Outcomes for this course: Physics 11 & 12 Integrated Resource Package  (Grade 11 Learning Outcomes are on page 16)

It is recommended that students complete:  Science 10 with a minimum grade of 65% and Principles of Math 11 should be taken prior to, or concurrently with, Physics 11.

Physics is the study of matter and energy and their interactions throughout the natural world around you. It is an experimental science discipline requiring creativity and imagination.  In this course students will learn about kinematics (the study of motion); forces and Newton’s Laws; momentum, energy and power; waves and optics; relativity; and nuclear energy.

Module 1

  • Unit 1: Graphing and Relationships
  • Unit 2: Kinematics

Module 1 Test

Module 2

  • Unit 3: Forces and Newton’s Laws (2 parts)

Module 2 Test.

Module 3

  • Unit 4: Momentum and Impulse
  • Unit 5: Work, Energy and Power

Module 3 Test

Module 4

  • Unit 6: Waves
  • Unit 7: Geometric Optics

Module 4 Test

Module 5

  • Unit 8: Heat
  • Unit 9: Nuclear Physics
  • Unit 10: Relativity

Module 5 Test

This is an ONLINE course, complete with online quizzes and tests, dropbox submissions, discussions, links to online resources and animations, online grades and communication with your instructor via email and telephone.


  • First Assignment (includes Lab #1)       4%
  • Quizzes 1-10 (~3.6% each)                    40%
  • Lab Activities 2, 3 (3% each)                   6%
  • Module Tests 1-5 (10% each)               50%

Required Resources: A computer with internet access, a graphing or scientific calculator.

Recommended Resources: A binder with lined paper and graph paper, pencil, pen, and ruler.

BC Performance Standards