Renewable Technologies 12

Student receives credit for Specialized Science 12

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Cars that run on used vegetable oil. Electricity produced from your garbage. A windmill made from spare bicycle parts that pumps water to crops. Energy is life. So, how do we address the world’s growing concerns about energy sources? Where will it come from in the future? How can energy be something sustainable, renewable, and accessible?

Renewable Technologies 12 begins to uncover the development of new energy technologies and explores how recent approaches to generating, storing, and creating this precious resource have evolved. By gaining a larger understanding of this challenge, we, as thoughtful people, can implement real change and unlock the solution needed for a safer, cleaner, and more enduring world.


UNIT 1: Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies

UNIT 2: Climate Change and Energy Policies

UNIT 3: The Electric Power System and Fossil Fuels

UNIT 4: Nuclear Power

Midterm exam

UNIT 5: Solar Energy

UNIT 6: Wind Energy

UNIT 7: Biomass and Biofuels

UNIT 8: Geothermal and Hydroelectric Energy

Final Exam


First Assignment     10%

Unit Assignments   50%

Unit Quizzes            20%

Exams                       20%

Required Resources: a computer and internet access.

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