Socials Studies 10

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This course focuses on Canada and the World: 1919 – present.

Four BIG ideas include the following:

  • How global and regional conflicts shape our contemporary world and identity
  • How political institutions are influenced by economic, social, ideological, and geographical factors
  • How world views, perspectives, and ideas affect Canadian society
  • How historical and contemporary injustices challenge Canadian identity as a whole and as a multicultural society

Much of Canada and its identity hinges on its multicultural dynamics, immigration movements and settlement, and long held policies that tie them all together.

While each culture has its unique qualities and contributions, there is also a collective understanding of Canada and its people.

See Course Roadmap in Brightspace for more details.

Unit 1: Uncovering Colonial British Columbia

  • Section 1 Real Reasons for Creating BC
  • Section 2 Douglas Treaties and Numbered Treaties
  • Section 3 Gold Rush and Daily Life in Victoria
  • Section 4 James Douglas

Unit 2: Political & Economic Systems

  • Section 1 Creating Canada
  • Section 2 How Canadians Govern Themselves
  • Section 3 Western Economics
  • Section 4 Industrialization

Unit 3: Chinese Canadian Legacies in BC  

  • Section 1 Chinese Canadian Legacies
  • Section 2 Chinese Canadian Event & History
  • Section 3 Historical Perspectives
  • Section 4 Judging Government Responsibilities

Unit 4: Canadian Culture & Identity

  • Section 1 Bilingualism in Canada
  • Section 2 Immigration Policies & Multiculturalism
  • Section 3 Canada’s Role in the United Nations
  • Section 4 Defining Canadian Culture


  • First Assignment 10%
  • Assignments 65%
  • Quizzes 5%
  • Tests 20%

Required Resources: Students require Microsoft Word and Power Point. No textbooks are needed for this course.

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