Work Experience 12A and 12B

SD#71 and full-time NIDES students only

Students, physically residing in School District  #71, or who are enrolled full-time through Navigate can plan and complete their required Work Experience via this course.

Contact the Work Experience Office in your school for more information on registration.  Full-time Navigate students should email Mr. Hale, at Navigate, for more details about the WorkSafe requirements that you must complete before registration can take place.

Full-time Navigate students will be expected to:

  • create a Work Experience Training and Safety Plan
  • complete, with their proposed placement site, a review of the Safety Expectations
  • complete a Work Experience Placement Agreement (agreeable to NIDES)
  • maintain and complete a Work Based Training Log
  • undertake a worksite orientation visit
  • receive an Interim Employer Evaluation
  • complete the required number of Work Experience hours
  • receive an Final Employer Evaluation
  • complete Work Experience Reflections documents (this includes a Resume and Cover Letter)