FAe Supplemental Registration Form Submission Confirmation

Thank you for submitting the supplemental registration form for the FAe program.  If you are a current student in the FAe program then your re-registration process is complete and we will only contact you if there are any issues.

For those of you who are submitting a new application to the FAe program thank you for taking the time to reflect upon how the FAe program would be a good fit for your child’s educational program.  We will be reviewing our enrollment status over the next few weeks and starting the lottery process leading to the ability to start offering positions to new students in April.

Please keep an eye on your email as all offers of positions are done through email and there is a timeline associated with any offer.  If you are not successful in gaining a spot in the FAe program then we will contact you with information on your options.

Thank you,

Meghan McMillen
Vice Principal Navigate-NIDES