Every child has a unique spark for learning that motivates them to want to know more. By engaging this natural curiosity, parents and teachers can ignite and fuel an ongoing passion for learning and discovery. Each student at Navigate is guided by a personalized learning plan that invites them to explore ideas that are interesting and relevant to their family’s lifestyle, their community, and their world. The result is a meaningful education that can happen anywhere, any time, and at any pace where students learn to:

• Ask questions and identify creative solutions
• Engage in discussions about big ideas
• Deepen their understanding by making personal connections
• Work collaboratively with their peers
• Recognize their own value and the value of others
• Apply what they learn to real world issues and challenges


  • Throughout the calendar year
  • Offers self-paced learning at any time


  • K-7 students who are BC residents can learn from any location, with or without computer access


  • All K-7 students who are BC residents can register with Navigate NIDES


  • Is fully accredited by the BC Ministry of Education
  • Recognizes each child as an individual with unique interests
  • Encourages self directed, self-paced learning
  • Builds on child’s passions to develop curriculum


  • To enroll for this program just click the registration button
  • Or contact Gerald Fussell for more information

Optional Compass classes provide:

  • a positive, social classroom experience once a week
  • teacher support, guidance and encouragement
  • a self-directed learning environment
  • participation in organized community-based activities such as: guest speakers and workshops
  • fun and engaging group projects
  • inquiry based learning that focus on your child’s passions

Navigate students join a family of learners where everyone belongs. Compass is an excellent opportunity to enrich your child’s homeschooling experience with a fun hands-on learning environment.

This option offers a balance of independent learning and interaction, technology, and personal connection. Students and their families can enjoy a wide range of face to face group activities where they make new friends, and develop social skills.

Weekly Interactive Days for K-7 students are currently available in Nanaimo and the Comox Valley; home-based families can participate through online video conferencing and virtual technologies.