Graduated Adult

Adults who have already met the requirements of graduation, but who want to take additional courses can register with Navigate at any time throughout the calendar year.  You can enroll for individual courses to improve your grade in a given subject area, or to meet the pre-requisites of a post secondary program.

Please ensure that you have thoroughly researched the requirements of the post-secondary program you are applying to prior to registration with Navigate to ensure that you are selecting the appropriate course for your desired field of study.  Our counsellors are available to advise you, so please contact them as needed.

As of July 1, 2019, tuition fees have been eliminated for a specific list of course for graduated adults in British Columbia.  This list includes:

Graduated Adult – Tuition Free Courses (As of July 1, 2019)
Academic Upgrading Courses

    • Anatomy and Physiology 12
    • Calculus 12
    • Chemistry 11
    • Chemistry 12
    • Composition 11
    • Creative Writing 11
    • English Studies 12
    • Foundations of Mathematics 11
    • Foundations of Mathematics 12
    • Life Sciences 11
    • Literary Studies 11
    • New Media 11
    • Physics 11
    • Physics 12
    • Pre-Calculus 11
    • Pre-Calculus 12
    • Workplace Mathematics 11


  • Any adult BC resident
  • Any adult who wants to complete individual courses


  • An opportunity for adult students to improve their marks for a particular subject area or meet pre-requisites for post secondary programs.


  • Navigate’s online courses allow you to create your own schedule and meet your needs.
  • You can start an online course at any point during the year!


  • Flexible schedule
  • Supportive teachers and counselors
  • Offers a variety of courses
  • To meet educational and employment goals


  • Online courses offer the option of studying from anywhere


  • To register for this program just click the “Enroll Now” button
  • Contact our Secondary Counsellor – Wendy Chase