This program is designed to create a rich, flexible and respectful learning environment where the teacher, parent and child are partners working together to develop and support their child’s education.  Our teachers will build on and engage your child’s natural curiosity!  Your child will experience learning at their own pace and through their personal passions.

Motivation is key to all learning. Heartwood focuses on each child’s interests, natural curiosity, imagination and joy of discovery in order to engage their deep attention. Our goal is to have each child’s developmental needs recognized, honoured and met. We offer a supported personalized learning program for each family that allows parents to be involved with all aspects of their child’s education.

We believe that strong relationships are essential to a child’s openness to learning. In these small group settings, teachers are able to develop close relationships with each child and guide the process of discovery. Parents have a unique opportunity to collaborate with teachers and contribute to the learning space and learning community. Teachers and parents work together to co-create each child’s learning plans and continue to communicate closely throughout the year, to share discoveries and interests, challenges, and successes.

The program is free to BC residents, and each family is provided with a budget for learning resources which can include such things as music lessons, or access to sports opportunities. Portfolio conferencing that present student learning is done 3 times each year, as required by the BC Ministry of Education.


  • This program encourages you to work at your own pace and follow your own schedule
  • Your child’s learning will expand beyond the four walls of a traditional class and learning will happen at any time in any place
  • Students (and parents) are welcome to join our optional classroom learning days (only available in certain locations) to meet fellow students and enjoy hands-on activities


  • Heartwood Learning Communities are currently available in:
    • Duncan
    • Errington
    • Kamloops
    • Kootenays
    • Nanaimo
    • Nelson
    • Okanagan Falls
    • Rossland
    • Salmon Arm
    • Salt Spring Island
    • Smithers
    • Sooke
    • Surrey
    • Tofino
    • Ucluelet
    • Victoria
    • Yarrow
  • A Heartwood Learning Community can be made available in your community, with as few as 8 students anywhere in BC.


  • Any student interested in a different approach to learning.


  • Fosters your child’s natural curiosity
  • Parents are active team players working with our teachers to create individual learning plans
  • Optional class participation (in certain areas) in a small group setting
  • Develops rich community partnerships which provide real-life experiences


  • To register for this program just click the “Enroll Now” button
  • Or contact Marieke for more information