Accessibility, Flexibility, Acceleration, Upgrading

10-12 Cross Enrollment

Cross enrollment offers the flexibility to be enrolled in more than one BC school at a time, utilizing resources from more than one school district. Cross-enrollment gives BC students and high school guidance counsellors more options that help to optimize local opportunities, put together more flexible scheduling, and add a self-directed component to conventional high school classes.

By offering cross enrollment options, teachers can help students:


Fit electives into their course schedule


Meet goals of graduation requirements


Meet pre-requisites for post-secondary education


Take one of 23 international languages using our Rosetta Stone platform

Navigate accepts new student registrations throughout the year, so high school students can work at their own pace and choose their own schedule. Navigate is staffed through the summer months as well, so professional teachers are always available.


PACE is a program that is designed to meet the specific needs of our high performing athletes, giving them freedom and flexibility to tailor their education to their particular needs.  PACE offers online courses that allow our athletes to make their own schedule as they meet the demands of their intensive training, competitions and performance requirements.  PACE also allows the students to have control over their location and time for learning.  PACE students have the option to be a full time online student, or take some courses online while continuing to attend their regular school for others requirements.  Whatever your schedule or the demands that your sport requires PACE will allow you to hit a home run in the field of education!

8-9 Cross Enrollment

Would you like to take an extra credit or perhaps you have a timetable conflict and are unable to enroll in the courses you really desire at your high school. At Navigate we offer students the flexibility to combine their traditional brick-and-mortar classes with our online courses. This gives students a creative solution to follow their own educational path while meeting the BC graduation requirements. Navigate accepts new students throughout the year giving them the chance to work at their own pace and chose their own schedule.

We also offer students the option of an ILC center. High school students who live in BC can take advantage of our Independent Learning Centers where they will have access to a computer lab and support from a BC-certified teacher. This is a great option for learning at home, and for families and students who want to cross enroll and add courses to their schedule.