Non-Graduated Adult

A non-graduated adult is defined as someone who has never completed the requirements for graduation in any jurisdiction anywhere in the world! If you are an eligible BC resident, non-graduated adult you can register for any Navigate course at no cost. Most non-graduated adults work towards the credits that are needed to earn their Adult BC Dogwood certificate.

The BC Ministry of Education determines the number of credits required, and the list of mandatory academic courses that must be completed. In addition to the academic courses, Navigate offers many other interesting courses to earn the credits you need to graduate. Contact one of our counsellors to talk about which courses are right for you.

Here is some important information that can help students with graduation planning.

If you have more questions about graduation requirements, have a look here


  • Any adult BC resident
  • Any adult who has not graduated from any high school program


  • A unique opportunity to complete the requirements for your high school diploma.


  • Navigate’s online courses allow you to create your own schedule and meet your needs.
  • You can start an online course at any point during the year!


  • Flexible schedule
  • Supportive teachers and counsellors
  • Offers a variety of courses


  • With our online classes you have the option of studying from any place you want.


  • To register for this program just click the “Enroll Now” button
  • Contact our Secondary Counsellor – Wendy Chase