At the core of our learning model is the philosophy that each student is unique. Although students of the same age or grade level have many things in common, their personal interests, learning styles, and social development are quite diverse. As not all students learn in the same way or at the same pace, Navigate offers programs that are both flexible and supported.

Blended Learning

We believe that curiosity is a natural motivator. Our goal as educators is to stimulate a child’s innate curiosity that leads to a love for learning and a sense of belonging. We begin by working with individual students and their parents to identify and value unique“sparks” of interest. Students are encouraged to recognize their own abilities and challenges and to set learning goals. By experiencing this process themselves, students have a context that helps them to recognize and respect the attributes and learning process of others.

Navigate blended learning programs are award winning and approved by the BC Ministry of Education. By grouping students with similar interests into interest focused programs, we’ve created new and exciting learning environments. Our learning model blends the face-to-face instruction of a classroom setting with home-based learning. Full day classroom instruction is offered 3 days each week. While in the classroom, each student can explore content that resonates with them, work at their own pace, and experience the rewards of learning.  Social interaction is encouraged as students work on projects that reflect their personal interests. There are also group projects wherein each student contributes to the project as a whole.

Parents are recognized as integral learning partners and two home-based learning days are part of a typical school week. We work with families to find learning options that best fit their lifestyle and learning needs, while providing the guidance, resources, and one-on-one support to help them succeed.

We Pioneered Online Learning in BC

It’s easier than ever to access public education in BC. K-12 students can enroll in online courses at Navigate any time during the school year, regardless of the school district they live in. Although internet courses can benefit students in remote communities, online learning is about more than accessibility. A teacher directed online learning model also maximizes educational resources, and prepares students to be involved in their own communities.

We believe that online learning teaches relevant life skills including communication, time management, and technical proficiency in a digital age. Students who learn in an online environment develop a strong sense of self, as well as community and global awareness. Students of all ages experience independent and collaborative approaches to learning and problem solving online.

Our Mission

“To support successful learning by providing student-centred, teacher-directed, distributed learning services through the use of diverse technologies and community partnerships.”