Zoom Consent Form

  • Dear Parent / Guardian,

    With the suspension of face to face instruction due to Covid19, our Heartwood Learning Community teachers will be offering students instruction using Zoom.  Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to virtually meet with others. It is a place where teachers and students can have discussions, share their learning and collaborate on projects.  Please read the following for more information on Zoom’s privacy policy: https://zoom.us/privacy.

    In order to ensure the privacy of all, teachers will:

    • use Zoom’s password feature
    • use Zoom’s waiting room feature
    • ensure that Zoom links are not posted publicly
    • ensure that they are present in the Zoom meeting with students at all times*

    *if a mentor is running a Zoom meeting without the teacher present, the parent is assuming supervision responsibility*

    Is expected that your child use Zoom properly following the guidelines below:

    1. Mute their mic when not speaking
    2. Think before they speak or write
    3. Obtain permission before sharing their screen or posting any videos/photos

  • We understand the privacy risks and management strategies as they have been shared with us.